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All in the Family – Saying Thanks for Generations of Care

Jennifer Rae
Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dr. Nicholas Pairaudeau (centre) with Wendy Berney and her three daughters and six grandchildren that he helped deliver at North York General Hospital.

1st row: Theodore Petridis, Leigh Petridis, Wendy Berney, Alexander Petridis, Jennifer Klein, Emily Klein

2nd row: Evelyn Klein, Dr. Nicholas Pairaudeau, Harrison Klein, Andrea Davies, and Elle Petridis

Our community, and donors like you, help give North York General Hospital’s Maternal Newborn Program the tools and equipment they need to safely welcome over 6,000 babies into the world each year. As our community continues to grow, we are finding that more and more generations of family members are born here at North York General. But for nine members of the Berney family, they share more than the same place of birth – each was delivered by the same North York General Obstetrician, Dr. Nicholas Pairaudeau.

Wendy Berney’s three daughters, Jennifer, Leigh and Andrea were delivered by Dr. Pairaudeau in the 1980s. Wendy remembers how comfortable she felt at North York General, and how thoughtful Dr. Pairaudeau was, accommodating proper prenatal care into her busy schedule. “He always made me feel like I was a priority,” she recalls.

When Wendy’s daughters grew up and began having children of their own, Wendy suggested Dr. Pairaudeau without hesitation. She was delighted that even though her family had not seen Dr. Pairaudeau in 25 years, he remembered Wendy, her girls and their father, Paul.

Since reuniting with the Berney family in 2008, Dr. Pairaudeau has helped bring six more members, of the next generation, of the Berney family into the world: Evelyn, Harrison, Elle, Alexander, Emily and Theodore.

Jennifer (Berney) Klein, mother of three in this latest generation explains that having Dr. Pairaudeau in her family’s life makes her feel safe, happy and most of all, grateful. “I’m grateful that I have a doctor who knows who I am and what I need,” she says. “Dr. Pairaudeau went out of his way to keep me and my babies healthy. I’m proud to have him as my doctor and as such a big part of my family’s life.”

This deep rooted connection to patients and families is part of what makes North York General a true community hospital, and also what Dr. Pairaudeau says makes his work so special. “It’s the joy of not only bringing babies into the world, but also the joy of bringing in a new generation,” he explains.

Grateful for the exceptional care that they have received at North York General, the Berney family donated to our hospital in Dr. Pairaudeau’s honour. “It was our way of thanking him for being such an important part of our family’s history,” says Wendy.

The Berney family made their donation through North York General Foundation’s “Say Thanks” program, which gives patients and their family members the opportunity to honour physicians, staff and volunteers for Going Beyond Care. When you donate through “Say Thanks,” the person you are honouring receives a card saying that you made a gift in his or her honour, and receives a special pin to wear with pride. Donation amounts are private and confidential, and are not shared with the recipient.

Gifts from grateful patients like the Berney family, combined with the support of loyal donors like you, help our hospital purchase new and upgraded equipment that is not funded by the government.  Thanks to donor support, North York General has the tools and equipment needed to care for your newest family members – now, and for generations to come.

You can now acknowledge the meaningful experience you and your family had at North York General by making a donation in honour of your doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, volunteers and support staff. To “Say Thanks” for the care that you or a loved one received at North York General, click here.