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North York General Physician is one of Toronto's top 12 individuals

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What do José Bautista, John Tory and Drake have in common with one of North York General Hospital’s talented cancer surgeons? Each was named as one of Post City Magazine’s exclusive Top 12 Torontonians of 2015.

Dr. Fahima Osman - Bayview Person of the YearWe are incredibly proud of our very own Dr. Fahima Osman, who was recently featured on the cover of the Bayview edition. Dr. Osman specializes in oncoplastic surgery, a hybrid of cancer and plastic surgery techniques that remove breast cancer and provide women with the best possible cosmetic outcome. 

Oncoplastic surgery is uncommon in Canada due to a lack of surgeons with this specialized training but, thanks to talented surgeons like Dr. Osman, it’s happening right here in your own backyard. 

Exploring options beyond traditional breast cancer surgery is the perfect example of why North York General has earned a reputation for Going Beyond Care. But what makes us even prouder is that Dr. Osman performs this specialty without added compensation. Putting in longer hours, performing a more complicated surgery and not receiving additional compensation? Just to see the smile on a patient’s face post-surgery? Now that is truly Going Beyond Care. 

It’s not too often that North York General’s physicians are featured in such a public way, but Dr. Osman hasn’t let the attention go to her head. She continues to provide our patients with intensely personalized care and shies away from the attention, making it clear that her success is shared with the plastic surgeons who she works with on oncoplastic cases. 

Dr. Osman also credits donors support for helping to make this level of care possible, citing the fully donor funded gift of Radioactive Seed Localization (RSL) technology  that was introduced in the BMO Financial Group Breast Diagnostic Centre last spring. “RSL has revolutionized breast cancer surgery,” she explains. “It’s helping us plan more exact incisions and it’s making for better surgeries and outcomes for our patients.” 

Top 12 Torontonians

Over 550 women are expected to undergo breast cancer surgery at North York General this year. To make a donation to support our Cancer Care Program, please click here.