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Volunteer Spotlight

From the Desk of Terry Pursell

At North York General, our volunteers have earned a reputation for going beyond care. From the gentle squeeze of a hand at a time of uncertainty to sharing tears of happiness as a patient prepares to return home, you care for each of our patients and their families like they were part of your very own.

With more than 900 volunteers collectively providing approximately 100,000 hours annually and involved in over 50 services across our three campuses it is clear you are an important part of the fabric that makes up this hospital.

We are so very greateful for your recent payment which brings your total giving to over $2.5M against your landmark $3M pledge. The Volunteer Services' Centre for Medical Imaging has touched the lives of over a million patients since it officially opened in December 2010. Having the best tools enables our healthcare teams to provide every patient with the exceptional care that defines North York General and we are thankful for your ongoing support and leadership.

Going beyond care is what we do at North York General - but we couldn't do it without you, or passionate and dedicated volunteers.

With warmest regards,

Terry Pursell