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The Chae Family

It was just a routine ultrasound. Until, suddenly, there was nothing routine about it.

Hanna Chae, who was 22 weeks pregnant, didn’t know what was wrong. But when her obstetrician immediately advised her to go to North York General Hospital, Hanna and her husband, Byron, listened.

North York General is Ontario’s third largest birthing centre, delivering approximately 6,000 babies each year. Our health care team depends on advanced ultrasound technology to act as a window into the womb – helping us monitor, diagnose and plan treatments to help bring these precious new lives into the world.

Advanced ultrasound imaging gave our health care team a clear picture of exactly what was happening to Hanna and her child. Hanna was at a very high risk of miscarrying and could have lost her baby at any moment, but thanks to the ultrasound, she was diagnosed quickly and rushed into surgery.

Hanna was able to carry her baby safely for another four months. On July 22nd, Kehilla Dream Chae was born, weighing 6 lb 5 oz. Hanna, Byron and big brother Samuel, left our hospital together, as a new family of four.

Without the right equipment, the outcome could have been different. Every baby deserves the best start possible, and often, babies need help before they are even born. As healthcare providers, it’s up to everyone at North York General to provide excellent care. As a community, it’s up to each of us to make sure our hospital has the best equipment. Although the government covers many aspects of patient care, it does not fund new or replacement equipment. That’s why we need your help.

Now, more than ever, your gift can make a difference.

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