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Give locally this heart month

When it comes to matters of the heart, every minute counts.

North York General Hospital’s Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg Emergency sees over 5,600 patients in cardiac distress each year. That’s almost 5% of total Emergency volumes. Although part of the increased demand for cardiac services can be attributed to our aging population, age is not always a factor. 

Just ask 13-year-old Ali, whose heart stopped in the middle of a hockey game after a slap shot drove a puck into his chest. In that one moment, Ali almost lost everything, but North York General Hospital’s Emergency term worked feverishly to revive him. Once stabilized, Ali was carefully monitored by our Child and Teen Unit where he recovered and regained his strength. Just three weeks later, Ali was back on the ice playing the game that he loves!

Ali is alive today because North York General’s health care team had the right equipment when it mattered most. For Ali’s parents, Mohammad and Alla, that means everything. “We are very blessed to have Ali back,” says Mohammad. “We are so thankful for the amazing care he received.”

In order to care for patients like Ali, we need the right tools for the job. Our Child and Teen Program needs 12 new cardiac monitors to support some of our youngest patients. February is Heart Month and this year we’re asking you to make your Heart Month gift count by donating locally. Your gift today will help children like Ali tomorrow.