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Inspiring Success: North York General Foundation's Board of Governors

Behind the scenes at North York General Foundation, a dedicated group of business and philanthropic leaders make up North York General Foundation’s Board of Governors. Generously volunteering their time and expertise, Board members set the strategic direction and increase the Foundation’s profile within the community. 

Supported by four committees (Audit & Finance, Development, Nominating & Governance and Investment), the varied backgrounds and cumulative knowledge, skills and networks for the Board of Governors provides leadership to the Foundation. 

The Foundation relies on that leadership to support fundraising initiatives such as critical equipment upgrades, education, research and renovations — all of which costs millions of dollars. While the government funds many aspects of patient care, it does not cover the cost of new and replacement equipment outside of capital builds. 

Although the Foundation’s Board of Governors has a separate and distinct mandate from North York General Hospital’s Board, the two work as partners to advance the vision and clinical priorities of the hospital. The Foundation Board’s 25 seats are made up of 18 appointees from the community –  developers, business leaders, lawyers, philanthropists, investment consultants and physicians, to name a few.   

In addition to their personal success, our Board of Governors have something else in common: an unwavering passion for their hospital and their community. 

Ron Baruch, Chair of North York General Foundation’s Board of Governors, and Executive Vice President of Paradise Developments, wanted to be involved with the Foundation because North York General has been his family’s hospital throughout his life. “I was inspired to join the Foundation Board because I have seen and experienced the hospital’s impact first-hand,” he explains. “Every member of our family has received caring treatment and support at North York General. It’s where our kids were born and where my dad spent his final days in peace and dignity.” 

A desire to be more involved in her own community led Sandra Keeley, co-founder of Love that Closet Ltd, to volunteer as a Foundation Board member. She was surprised and delighted to discover more at North York General than she had ever expected. “Every day I hear about a new milestone that North York General has achieved,” she explains. “It’s incredible to me that this level of care is right here in our community!”

Ontario is the only Canadian province where voluntary governance for hospitals exists, meaning that residents can play an important role in the health care of their own community. “It takes a unique mix of people and skills to make up an effective Board,” says Terry Pursell, President & CEO of North York General Foundation. “The Foundation is supported and inspired by our Board, and our Board members are inspired by what they see happening inside our hospital every day.”

If you are interested in joining North York General Foundation’s Board of Governors or one of the four supporting committees, please apply in writing to:
North York General Foundation
4001 Leslie Street,
Toronto ON
M2K 1E1

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