Dr. Frank Mastrogiacomo Performs Life-Changing Surgery

You bend over to tie your shoelaces to go for a run – and then it happens. Pain shoots through your hip. You pause, exhaling, before slowly tying the laces and standing up. You are frustrated that completing this small task hurts, and makes you feel older than your years.

Shabana’s Story: Honouring Her Mother Through Life-Changing Care

“I have cancer.” Everything changed in a blink when Shabana heard her mom’s diagnosis. Despite being a nurse, Shabana could hardly process the words. It was a painful time for the whole family.

Julia’s Story: A Final Push, An Everlasting Pull

Julia was experiencing a wide range of emotions: excitement around starting a family with her fiancé Ryan, anticipation of the birth, concern about going through labour and delivery for the first time, but most of all joy about becoming a mom.