Integrating sustainable practices into hospital health care environment

North York General Hospital (NYGH) surgeon Dr. David Smith is helping to lead the charge when it comes to integrating sustainable practices into the hospital’s health care environment. By focusing on sustainability, NYGH can help build resilience while better protecting the health of patients, the community and the environment.

Regaining independence through compassionate rehabilitation

That moment would change his life forever. The active and energetic Romano lost more than his mobility, he lost his independence and the happiness that followed it.

Health Care Champion and RN Supports NYGH Then, Now and in the Future

Longtime North York General Hospital (NYGH) champion and registered nurse, Sally Cameron, has had a long history with the hospital; a history she intends to honour in her legacy.

Donors Help Support Life-Changing Urgent Treatment For Seniors

“It was frightening. We didn’t know which hospital to go to, so we turned to North York General Hospital (NYGH),” recalls Sheryl Erenberg, the daughter of 87-year-old NYGH patient Ellen Erenberg.

Family Gives Back to NYGH After Life-Sustaining Maternal Newborn Care

The sound of a newborn cries fills the air as Michelle Lorello-Bancheri picks up her phone to speak with us about her birthing journey. She is getting ready to put her 11-month-old baby and three-year-old down for their daytime naps. It’s a refreshing feeling, and despite the sounds, it is peaceful.

Leading The Way For Compassionate Seniors Care

Seniors are an important part of our community; a community that is rapidly growing. By 2046, Ontarians over 65 are expected to double, and North York’s seniors community is expected to increase by 30 per cent versus the 2016 census alone.

Alana’s Story Leaving a Lasting Legacy

The causes we hold close to our hearts reflect who we are as individuals and what we truly value. They also reflect important parts of our life journey.