Your Impact on Research and Innovation (R&I)

By encouraging unique and depthful collaborations between clinicians and researchers at North York General (NYGH), the R&I program aims to translate their insights into improved care, safety, and health outcomes for patients and families.

Your impact on cancer care

Given that one in two Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, it is essential to have access to exceptional cancer care closer to home. Donors to North York General (NYGH) enable the purchase of advanced diagnostic equipment and enhanced innovation for the over 5,000 patients with cancer that our teams treat every year.

Your impact on emergency

Our Emergency Department (ED) remains one of the busiest in the Greater Toronto Area, serving on average 325 patients a day, and as our community grows, this volume will only increase. I’m thrilled that we now have a modern and people-centred space to help us care for even more people.

Your impact on cardiology

Each year NYGH provides cardiac care throughout the hospital to thousands of patients in our community.

Your impact on palliative care

Last year was an exciting and encouraging one for the Freeman Centre for the Advancement of Palliative Care at North York General. Thanks to the support of donors, the team has numerous advancements in their mission to integrate better with the community.

Your impact on medical imaging

Here are a few examples from both the Gulshan & Pyarali G. Nanji Family Foundation Centre for Medical Imaging and our Nuclear Medicine Department that we use every day for patient care, thanks to donors.

Your impact on child and adolescent mental health

As we continue to see a rise in young people facing mental health challenges, our care teams at North York General (NYGH) we are proud to provide them with the treatment and strategies to get on a healthy path, where they can pursue their dreams.