2019 Fall Education Awards - North York General Foundation

Donors empowering our staff to learn and grow

In spring and fall of every year, North York General Hospital and Foundation host a very special ceremony to celebrate, thank and honour staff who go above and beyond, demonstrating their commitment to our values and our focus on exceptional patient care.

Clinical and non-clinical staff apply for scholarships to advance their professional education, and through a selection committee, we match deserving recipients with donor-funded awards.

The event is a wonderful opportunity to connect our health care professionals with the donors who empower them to learn, lead and do great things. It’s also an opportunity to celebrate our commitment to education, which is integral to our culture here at North York General.

Providing exceptional patient care starts with health care professionals who are committed to expanding their knowledge, ensuring they remain at the leading-edge of their fields. The knowledge they gain through these awards doesn’t just benefit them and the patients they care for. As a teaching and learning hospital, that knowledge extends throughout our entire health care system as our physicians, nurses and allied health care providers train the next generation of professionals in their respective fields.

This transfer of knowledge from one generation to the next is something we take great pride in, and through their investments in education, our incredible donors are an integral part of that process. The funding for these awards makes up only a small portion of the education funding we receive from our generous community. Every year, our donors contribute nearly $200,000 towards education funding, enabling our staff and physicians to be at the absolute forefront of knowledge and practice.

On behalf of the North York General family, congratulations to the 20 education award recipients and thank you to the generous donors who enable their continued excellence. Together, we share a belief in the value of education to improve care at our hospital, in our community and beyond.