May 9 to May 15 is Nursing Week, which acknowledges the diverse roles of nurses and their tremendous impact on patient care. Read stories from five of NYGH’s dedicated nurses who have committed their careers to helping others. Together with the 1,500 other nurses at NYGH, they make #NorthYorkGeneralStrong.

May 1 is National Physicians’ Day, an annual day of recognition for the remarkable contributions and compassionate care of physicians across the country. Learn more about five of NYGH’s outstanding physicians who are changing lives every day. Their stories, along with those of the 850+ other NYGH physicians, are part of the fabric of our hospital. Collectively they make #NorthYorkGeneralStrong.

Meet Michael Peak

On one particular day, his chest hurt and his breathing was laboured, causing him to worry that he was having a heart attack

Learn more about Dipa Solanki , our latest Fortune Fridays winner

Accuracy and responsiveness are key to the role as on every shift, it’s my job to ensure surgeons have exactly the right tools the moment they need them.