Message from the President, Terry Pursell, North York General Foundation

Message from the President – June 30, 2022

Read an update from NYGH Foundation President & CEO Terry Pursell about the exciting initiatives underway at the hospital.

How an NYGH Research Chair is making a difference in ALS-connected Disorder

Every single day, we swallow at least 1,000 times and when we do, there are more than 100 separate neuro, biochemical and physiological events taking place to make it happen.

Little Hands With Big Hearts

Little Hands with Big Hearts

Bring a classroom full of imaginative, creative students together with a teacher eager to pass on valuable life lessons, and you have the makings of something magical.

Linda Kuse, RN, North York General

Learn more about Linda Kuse, our latest Fortune Fridays winner

Linda Kuse is surrounded by little ones – whether it’s her own grandchildren or the babies she helps bring into the world as a registered nurse in Labour and Delivery at North York General.