Magnolia Briones, Human Resources Recruiter, North York General Hospital

Learn more about Magnolia Briones, our latest Fortune Fridays winner

Magnolia says she’ll never forget her first day at NYGH during the pandemic, working with people from behind a plexiglass barrier to keep everyone safe.

Robert Agouri’s Why I Rally Story

Driven to honour Maddie’s memory, Robert has been a strong advocate of The Maddie Project

Robert has seen first-hand how tragedy can be turned into something that helps others. It’s been an important lesson and one that he and his family value and have channeled into Rally in the Ravine.

Isha Kanani’s Why I Rally Story

It can be said that compassion runs in Isha Kanani’s family

She joined Rally in the Ravine in 2019 when her father encouraged her to participate, and she loves being part of something bigger than herself and supporting high-quality care at the hospital.

Courtney Doldron's Story, Why I Rally

Learn more about Courtney Doldron and why he feels so strongly about giving back

Caring is in Courtney Doldron’s DNA. Born in Trinidad & Tobago, he grew up in a small, rural community where family, neighbours and friends worked together for the betterment of all.