Florence celebrates seniors month

NYGH seniors’ program a ‘godsend’ says former cancer patient

Through rehabilitation, assessments, treatment and education, Florence is getting back the life she thought she had lost from cancer with the help of NYGH’s Geriatric Day Hospital.

Felice and his wife Francesca Romano

Regaining independence through compassionate rehabilitation

After suffering a serious back injury, 76-year-old Felice Romano is getting back on his feet with the help of NYGH’s Geriatric Day Hospital.

Sheryl and her mother Ellen Erenberg

Donors help support life-changing urgent treatment for seniors

The Erenberg family are now NYGH supporters by making a Say Thank You gift following exceptional, urgent care that was provided in the Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg Emergency.

Donna Ruffo Nurse Practitioner standing in front of North York General Hospital

Seniors Month: Leading the way for compassionate seniors care

By 2046, Ontarians over 65 are expected to double, and North York’s seniors community is expected to increase by 30 per cent versus the 2016 census alone.