My hospital, my second home

15 years ago, I walked through the doors of North York General Hospital (NYGH). I had recently trained to become a nurse and was nervous about my new job. It was the people at NYGH who drew me in, as they were warm and incredible at their jobs. From the nurses and doctors, to every person in the hospital, they soon became like family and today, I am proud to call this hospital my home.

Job Satisfaction

I am a part of the Nursing Resource Pool at the hospital. I enjoy what I do, and what gives me the greatest satisfaction is to help make a small difference in people’s lives. Not only does this include patients and their families, but students who come to practice and learn at the hospital. On a typical day you may find me flying from floor to floor and attending to the needs of patients. My greatest reward is when I hear patients say, “I hope you are my nurse again tomorrow!” Though I can seldom guarantee that it happens, it helps me realize that the patient is happy and comfortable, and that they appreciate the care I am able to provide.

Nursing through a pandemic

The pandemic has been an unpredictable time for everyone. Here at the hospital, it has challenged each one of us in various ways. I often found myself being the interface between patients who were ill and their families. Helping patients connect with their loved ones virtually rather than face-to-face was difficult. The lives lost, and watching families torn apart, was harder still. This shared hardship has brought us closer together, as we work to support one another however we can.

Beyond work

Though there have been days where I have spent more time at the hospital than at home, when I am not working, I try and blow off some steam—I love to dance and swim. As a young girl, I always wanted to play the piano, but it was left an unrequited dream. I hope to take piano lessons soon and fulfil that childhood wish.

Impact of the Staff Lottery

Congratulatory messages from my colleagues flowed in as they found out that I’d won the 50/50 Staff Lottery! I felt a mix of surprise, joy and relief. For a single mother like me, it was comforting news. The money won will help to fill some of the gaps that I have in my personal life amidst a very challenging year. It also means money to support my daughter’s university education this year. All of this while giving back in my small way to the hospital that is my second home. I couldn’t be more grateful or happier.

— Ana Iacob