Meet Ann Tomlin, Instrument Aid, North York General

For 33 years, North York General Hospital (NYGH) has been a part of Ann Tomlin’s professional life. It’s here where she first worked in dietary during high school and again as a porter while in college. Since 2008, Ann has worked in the Medical Device Reprocessing Department (MDRD) where she ensures the timely processing of medical instruments, sterilizing and packing them so surgical teams have exactly what they need for scheduled or emergency procedures. She feels her work is vital and the ‘heart’ of the hospital.

Surrounded by hard working, helpful colleagues

In her three decades at NYGH, Ann has witnessed many changes. But what remains constant is the approach of everyone on staff. She says people here are caring and compassionate, regardless of the many challenges along the way. To that end, she credits the willingness of staff to pitch in to help anyway they can – clearly illustrated during the height of the pandemic. Ann says on an average day, there were 70 surgical cases taking place at NYGH. At the pandemic’s peak, however, they dwindled down to just 10 per day. Ann is inspired to see the teamwork that came out of that challenging time, knowing for most staff here, it’s second nature.

Proud of NYGH and glad to give back

As for her participation in the staff lottery, Ann says she joined in after being encouraged to do so by a co-worker. She says she can’t imagine working anywhere else and she’s proud to give back to NYGH.

When she’s not at the hospital, Ann loves to cook for her children (who she affectionately calls her ‘gremlins’), nature walks, reading or dancing. With her winnings, Ann will donate to a number of her favourite charities as well as treat her kids.