A Fulfilling Life Thanks to NYGH's Emergency Team

A fulfilling life for a young family, thanks to NYGH’s emergency team

It’s been said that every moment is precious to those who know the value of time. For Ali and Sharon Ghafour, this truly speaks to how their lives have been shaped by a health crisis with their newborn twins Aurora and Adam.

Mental Health Insights from our Experts

For decades, mental health issues seemed to fly under the radar. Stigma often kept conditions like anxiety, depression — and those who suffered from them, shrouded in mystery and shame.

Ella’s Story — Moving from Crisis Towards Recovery

Our daughter Ella had always been an enthusiastic and happy person until 2021, when she started to become more withdrawn and less motivated. At first, we thought it might be teenage hormones — she was 15. However, the problem continued and by fall Ella seemed like a different person. We became terribly concerned.

Debbie Kraus, Unit Secretary, North York General Hospital

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Debbie works in the Surgical Inpatient Services department as a Unit Secretary at North York General Hospital.