Message from the President – January 31, 2023

By the time you read this, I will be en route to the UK to see my (now) two grandchildren as the first stop on my retirement journey. For 13 years, North York General, its people, and the community who support it, have been a sanctuary of learning, collegiality, compassion, respect and love.

Heart-Healthy Diet Tips

There’s no doubt about the close connection between diet and heart health. The food we eat can affect how well our heart pumps blood and delivers oxygen and other nutrients throughout the body.

Heart Health 101: Q&A with Dr. Kareem Morant

February is Heart Month, and Cardiologist Dr. Kareem Morant, director of the clinic, weighs in on insights and tips to establish strong heart health.

Our new MRI, powered by donors!

We’re excited to share that North York General Hospital’s new 1.5T MRI is installed in a new suite, undergoing testing and will be fully operational later this December!

Message from the President – October 28, 2022

Despite the markets, economic and social instability and the general challenges of managing through COVID, our donor community continues to support North York General in many different forms. Let’s have a peek at just some of the activities of the last few months.

Understanding the role of an ‘RT’

October 23rd to 29th is Respiratory Therapy Week. In recognition, we spoke to North York General Respiratory Therapist Lisa Watkins, a 30-year veteran of the hospital.

Drs Somogyi and Jalil, North York General Hospital

Reconstructing Hope for breast cancer patients

Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis can feel as though time is standing still. It can bring on an array of thoughts and feeling of fear and dread that can seem unbearable.

A Fulfilling Life Thanks to NYGH's Emergency Team

A fulfilling life for a young family, thanks to NYGH’s emergency team

It’s been said that every moment is precious to those who know the value of time. For Ali and Sharon Ghafour, this truly speaks to how their lives have been shaped by a health crisis with their newborn twins Aurora and Adam.

Mental Health Insights from our Experts

For decades, mental health issues seemed to fly under the radar. Stigma often kept conditions like anxiety, depression — and those who suffered from them, shrouded in mystery and shame.

Driven to honour Maddie’s memory, Robert has been a strong advocate of The Maddie Project

Robert has seen first-hand how tragedy can be turned into something that helps others. It’s been an important lesson and one that he and his family value and have channeled into Rally in the Ravine.