Christopher Penn, Patient Transporter, North York General Hospital
Christopher Penn, Patient Transporter, North York General Hospital

A journey of care through patient transport

Patient Transporter. That’s my role in the hospital. If you happen to be in the Emergency Department and need to be taken to a different floor for surgery for example, I’m part of the team that safely wheels you through the hospital. Ensuring smooth patient flow is what I focus on every day.

An outbreak and a pandemic

My journey with North York General began two decades ago. I was a lot younger and walked into NYGH’s Branson Ambulatory Care Centre where I worked for 3 years, learning the ropes. In the early 2000s, we faced the SARS outbreak. I was moved to the NYGH main building as there was a need for more staff support there. I remember feeling that work was hectic and fast-paced during that time.

But the pace of work has picked up in a big way during the pandemic. That said, it is great to see everyone doing their part and going out of their way to help. Navigating new protocols, procedures and rules has been a constant area of learning for us, but the hospital staff has truly come together through this. The work that initially felt overwhelming has been managed as a team.

My sources of joy

The most rewarding part of my job is hearing directly from patients. I’ve heard them speak about how this is the best care they have received at any hospital.  I’ve heard them compliment the staff for their care and compassion, and these words of appreciation truly make my day.

If I’m not in the hospital hustling from floor to floor, you can find me either at the gym or playing with my children. My kids love the outdoors, and I can’t get enough of playing sports or just spending time with them.

A team victory

My Staff Lottery win is unique because it is not just a win for me, but it’s a team win! A few of us at lunch one day learned about the Staff Lottery and realized that it is an important opportunity to support the hospital. We decided to pool our resources to buy tickets. The deal was that the person who wins the lottery would split the jackpot! It’s been a while since that day, and we still buy tickets together. This is the first time we’ve won, and it couldn’t have come at a better time! The holiday season is almost here, and we are excited to buy Christmas gifts for our family.

— Christopher Penn