Courtney Doldron's Story, Why I Rally

Caring is in Courtney Doldron’s DNA. Born in Trinidad & Tobago, he grew up in a small, rural community where family, neighbours and friends worked together for the betterment of all. It’s no wonder that those lessons of cooperation and interdependence have stayed with the retired high teacher ever since – and why he feels so strongly about giving back. To that end, Courtney is a strong supporter and participant in North York General Hospital’s Rally in the Ravine.

“We are all so fortunate to have such a wonderful hospital in our community,” Courtney said. “It’s a place where the people genuinely care about their patients and families. To make sure North York General continues to be there for all of us, we need to be there to support it. That’s why I give back and why I Rally.”

As an active member of the Rotary Club of North York, Courtney has been involved with a number of North York General Hospital’s (NYGH) fundraising initiatives. In fact, the service club was instrumental in helping to raise money for Phillips House as well Maddie’s Healing Garden. The father of three daughters and four grandchildren understood the significance of the community hospital.

Both Courtney and his wife Janis were moved by the kind and professional care shown by the health care professionals at NYGH while Janis was fighting colon cancer. Following Janis’ death in 2020, Courtney channeled his grief into showing his appreciation through a donation in honour of the medical team who treated Janis so compassionately. He admits it was the most natural and fitting gesture to make.

While his congestive heart failure can be limiting, Courtney said he won’t let it interfere with Rally in the Ravine 2022. He’ll be there – rain or shine, to walk in support of the hospital that means so much to him and his family.