Terry Pursell, President and CEO, North York General Foundation

COVID-19 Updates: Message from the President – March 25, 2020

Dear Friends,

I am still working from my kitchen table although I confess to have occasionally moved to the couch, with my laptop precariously perched on a pillow. I have quickly (if clumsily) adapted to daily video conferencing, conference calls and other handy tools to keep in touch with my colleagues in the hospital and my foundation team. I continue to enjoy daily conversations and emails with our donor community but forgive me if I am a bit behind in responding. Closing in on the end of quarantine, I am still managing 6-foot distance, hands are a bit raw from washing,  one minor quarrel with my daughter and  none of note with my husband.

I thought I would share some updates so here we go: we opened a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Drop Off Centre at 4000 Leslie Street, across the road from the hospital. It currently operates Monday-Friday from 8AM-4PM.  Its purpose is to collect and distribute N95 masks, surgical masks, face shields and viral swabs to hospitals in need throughout the community. We are appealing to individuals, industry, dentists, vets, and health care professionals to donate unopened PPE. Here is the link to a dedicated site which has more detailed information should you be in a position to support this community-wide effort: www.NYGHppedrive.ca

Hospital wide, our front line staff and the countless others behind the scenes are tireless in the care of our community. While non-essential surgeries have been postponed, we continue to operate on urgent cases, bring babies into the world and address the medical needs of our community as we always have.

Last week we established a COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund to provide the hospital with the ability to respond without delay to emerging technology needs, additional equipment or staffing and converting space in our efforts to meet COVID head on.  Any contribution would be appreciated and you can do this through NYGHtacklescovid19.ca. Thank you to those of you who have been able to donate while managing uncertainty in your own lives.

My best thoughts to you and yours,

Terry Pursell
Terry Pursell
President & CEO
North York General Foundation