Debbie Kraus, Unit Secretary, North York General Hospital

“A Career Devoted to Caring”

Debbie Kraus began her career at NYGH more than 37 years ago and hasn’t looked back. Fresh out of college and just 18-years-old, Debbie moved to Toronto and began looking for a job. She landed one at NYGH and now works in the Surgical Inpatient Services department as a Unit Secretary.

Caring is in her DNA

While she loves her job, it’s difficult for her to say what her favourite part is. Perhaps it’s when she sees a patient when they’re being discharged and they remark that she made a difference in their stay. It could also be when she’s in the Short Stay Unit, challenged by the constant change and hectic pace.

Nature lover

When she’s not at work, Debbie enjoys outdoor pursuits like cycling and going camping with her husband.

Double the luck!

Although she might not think she’s a lucky person, this latest lottery win is Debbie’s second. While other lottery winners choose to spend their winnings on travel or some kind of special treat, Debbie is using her lottery winnings for a new well at her home. The previous one recently collapsed and it’s very expensive to dig a new one.

Debbie plays the staff lottery so she can give back to the hospital that she’s worked at for almost four decades. She never thought she’d win – let alone twice!

— Arnel Tansingco