Devika Gopichand, Diet Technician, North York General Hospital

The Healing Power of Nutritious Food at NYGH

As a Diet Technician in the Food and Nutrition Department at North York General Hospital (NYGH) for the past 25 years, Devika Gopichand understands that the right nutrition can make a difference in a patient’s healing.

Food is medicine

Devika works with patients on a combination diet to get the appropriate food for their condition as well as supervises the dietary staff in the evening. She is motivated to help every patient and family at NYGH and feels strongly that food is medicine. Nutrition plays a role in health care, she says, and is vital to getting back to optimum health and well being.

Grateful to work at NYGH.

Ever since she was offered her position at NYGH in 1997, Devika has worked with pride, knowing the importance every staff member plays in restoring health to patients. She knows that the team approach at NYGH makes a world of difference for patients, their families and the community.

Sharing with family & friends.

When she’s not overseeing the nutritional needs of patients at NYGH, Devika loves to spend quality time with her family at home. She is a recent winner of the NYGH staff lottery and takes part to give back to the hospital in gratitude. Devika plans on sharing her winnings with family and friends.