Dilawri and BDO's Support at North York General

Dilawri and BDO’s support

In 2016, the Dilawri Foundation and BDO Canada LLP, in partnership with North York General Hospital Foundation established NYGH’s first patient amenities fund with a generous gift of $125,000.

The Dilawri Family Paediatrics Amenities Fund supports patients and families in NYGH’s Paediatric Complex Care Clinic, a specialized clinic treating young patients with complex medical conditions such as cerebral palsy, congenital health disease, complications related to extremely premature birth, and children without a clear diagnosis.

Caring for a chronically ill child is one of the most draining and difficult tasks a parent can face. Beyond the physical challenges and medical needs, the emotional and financial implications can impact the entire family. Thanks to the Dilawri Foundation’s vision, families are no longer doing this balancing act alone.

In its first year, the Dilawri Fund has brought relief and comfort to over two dozen patients and families, helping them purchase critical equipment and supplies that parents would have had to pay out of pocket.

Thank you Diwalri Foundation for Going Beyond Care for our young patients and their families.

Dilawri and BDO's Support at North York General

“I have witnessed the relief on parents’ faces when we can offer them help thanks to the Dilawri Fund. A little bit of help goes a long way in decreasing stress levels and improving the whole family’s quality of life.”