Dr. Everton Gooden – Finding Joy in the Everyday

“People don’t see the joy most physicians get out of their work,” says Dr. Everton Gooden. “We don’t think about the work in terms of hours or output. We’re at play.”
(U ofT , February 26, 2018)

Dr. Everton Gooden, Otolaryngologist or Head and Neck Surgeon at North York General Hospital and long-time Foundation supporter was recently profiled as a featured alumnus of the University of Toronto where he went to medical school.  He joined North York General Hospital as an Otolaryngologist after completing his training in 2001.

Dr. Gooden served as the hospital’s chief of staff between July 2014 and July 2017 and is a member of hospital foundation’s board of governors, as well as being co-chair of the foundation’s annual physicians’ campaign where he helps with fundraising initiatives, motivating his colleagues to also support the cause.

Check out the video above to hear from Dr. Gooden about his journey to become a physician, as well as the article HERE.