Paediatric Care - Emmie's Story - North York General

Emmie – her story

When Tania noticed her two month old daughter, Emmie, was sleeping more than she should be, Tania knew in her heart that something wasn’t right.

A paediatrician referred her to North York General’s Paediatric Complex Care Clinic, where it was discovered that Emmie is missing a chromosome, causing a global development delay.

NYGH’s Complex Care Clinic has been a lifeline to Tania and her family, with their support reaching far beyond Emmie’s medical needs. The clinic staff, who Tania describes as an ‘extended family’ give her a safe space to fall and help her rise once again.

“It’s been life-saving in so many aspects,” says Tania. “It’s as if the clinic is a large ship, and I’m on a dingy. Without their support, I’d be in an ocean alone.”

Tania isn’t sure what Emmie’s future will hold. But she does know that NYGH will help her navigate it every step of the way.