Meet Erika Kelly
Registered Practical Nurse

A passion for postpartum care at NYGH

Supporting maternity needs

I’ve worked at North York General Hospital (NYGH) for the last eight years of my career. I work in the Postpartum Unit, where I care for both mothers and babies. This work usually involves taking vital signs, physical assessments, providing breastfeeding support, newborn blood work screening, as well as teaching new mothers the essentials of caring for their child.

Postpartum care in a welcoming environment

Ever since I first enrolled in nursing school, I knew my interest and passion was in maternity. After years of challenging schooling, I eventually landed a spot to do my consolidation on the Postpartum Unit at NYGH. From day one, I was reassured that this was the field where I wanted to be, and the organization where I wanted to work. NYGH is one of Canada’s best and leading hospitals, so I knew I made the right decision to settle down at such a fantastic workplace.   

A rewarding profession during difficult times

I work with a phenomenal team that is tremendously supportive, caring, and hard-working, specifically during the stressful and unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic. I have to say the unforgettable moments are usually when a family goes out of their way to come back after their first child. It’s rewarding when they say that they remember me and recall how happy they were with the care they received. Seeing these returning patients and hearing their gratitude and appreciation always warms my heart.

Re-living dreams through my staff lottery winnings

I never thought I would win the Staff Lottery. I decided to contribute because I knew it was going to a good cause supporting NYGH’s greatest needs. I plan to donate a portion of the money to Horse Heroes Alberta, as it is a charity that is near and dear to my heart. I have been horseback riding my whole life, and I support this charity as it gives horses a second chance at life. With the remaining portion of my winnings, I am hoping to take a vacation to Scotland once the pandemic is over so I can take part in another one of my hobbies: playing the bagpipes. I have competed in the World Pipe Band Championships many times, and really enjoy the culture, shopping, and scenery of the country. Thank you NYGH for providing me the opportunity to re-live my dreams!

— Erika Kelly