Eva Wang - Outpatient Pharmacy, North York General

Playing my part in patient care

Care for patients in the community. That is what I knew best about North York General Hospital (NYGH) before I started working here. Working in the health care sector, I had an immense respect for the hospital’s reputation. That is what led me to apply to NYGH when the opportunity arose. I knew it would expand my personal and professional experiences.

It’s been 7 years since that day, and NYGH for me has been a place of great learning all through that time. I work in the Outpatient Pharmacy of the hospital as a Pharmacy Technician. You can see me preparing and packaging medications for the residents at the Seniors Health Centre. I also process and fill prescriptions including compounded medications in the dispensary.

Work Inspiration

My role here is rewarding. It gives me the chance to be part of the exact aspect of the hospital that inspired me to work here– the ability and opportunity to help patients directly and indirectly. Interacting with patients as they seek care in the form of medication and providing them with the help they need is extremely fulfilling to me.

It is something I cherish and value most about NYGH, along with the fact that I get to work with some great colleagues. If I had to sum up my team at the hospital in three words, I would describe them as — motivating, encouraging and supportive.

Care at home

When I’m not at work, there are others who need my care at home, my plants! Taking care of my plants is one of the things I enjoy the most, including of course, buying new plants. Though I love all my plants dearly, my favourite ones are the Monstera deliciosa, the bird of paradise plant and the fiddle leaf fig.

The 50/50 Staff Lottery

I found the staff lottery to be a fun way to support and contribute to the improvement of the hospital. My workplace has given me a lot, and this was my chance to give back. I am happy I won, but I don’t plan to spend the jackpot alone! I will share the winnings with family and save some of it for a vacation when it is safe to do so.