Finding Comfort in Kindness and Compassionate Care

Janice Beard, Grateful Patient

Finding Comfort in Kindness and Compassionate Care

Kindness is king, stressed North York General Hospital (NYGH) patient Janice Beard.

The 67-year-old was first diagnosed with cancer in 2003 and has since received treatment out of NYGH’s Graham & Audrey Rosenberg Family Cardiac Care Clinic from Dr. Randi Rose, described by patients and staff alike as compassionate, comprehensive and utterly kind.

Dedicated to Cardio Oncology, Dr. Rose is improving outcomes for the hundreds of patients she serves across the North York community and beyond; patients like Janice, who began her journey with the clinic after medication treatment and cancer metastasis several years ago.

“The cancer I have today went from my breast to bone and now liver, and is incurable. And with the adverse effects of the medication on my heart, it’s been quite the journey. But I am optimistic and hopeful. I’m still here after eight years,” she beamed.

A cancer diagnosis is devastating news for any patient, but then to learn that there is an issue with their heart as well understandably leads to even more fear and anxiety.

“When patients are referred to me, they are scared that the cardiac side effects of their chemotherapy may prevent them from continuing to receive their potentially life-saving cancer treatment,” explains Dr. Rose. “My goal is to make sure these patients can receive the therapy required to cure their cancer without compromising their heart health.”

Through the complex, difficult effects of chemotherapy on patients’ physical and emotional health, empathy can make a world of difference.

Janice Beard, Grateful Patient

“Dr. Rose is exceptional; she has been like a friend to me. She is truly a reminder of how far kindness can go, and it gives me goosebumps when I think about her honesty and how powerful her words have been on me. She and her team have taken this difficult journey, and made it better.”

— Janice, Grateful Patient

Janice continues to come into the hospital for treatment and check-ups but said is living life to the fullest, with a dedicated care team behind her and supporting her every step of the way.

“You’re not just a number at NYGH, you’re a person. I have never felt more loved and cared for than in the hands of these incredible health care people. I am so grateful to everyone.”

More About Cardio Oncology

Cardiotoxicity is now recognized as a leading cause of illness and death in cancer patients. Recognizing this challenge, Dr. Randi Rose’s practice at NYGH specializes in Cardio-Oncology; the care of cancer patients with cardiovascular disease that was already existing or acquired during cancer treatment. It also involves the prevention, early recognition, and mitigation of the effects of cancer therapy on the cardiovascular system. Through her work, Dr. Rose is changing the game for cancer patients by improving health outcomes before, during, and after cancer treatment, and finding solutions to prevent devastating heart failure before it starts.

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