Emily Wang, Pharmacy Technician - Fortune Fridays Winner

Fortune Fridays 50/50 Staff Lottery winner profile: Emily Wang

Congratulations to Emily Wang for being our latest Fortune Fridays 50/50 Staff Lottery winner!

Our 50/50 lottery is a great opportunity for staff to participate in something fun and give back to North York General Hospital (NYGH). It’s also an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the dedicated staff that make our hospital such an amazing place. We spoke with Emily to learn more about her role at NYGH:

Q: How long have you been employed at North York General?

A: I started out as a Pharmacy Technician student at the hospital. Now it has been 7.5 years later and I am proud to work at NYGH with all my pharmacy colleagues.

Q: What inspired you to participate in our Fortune Fridays 50/50 Staff Lottery?

A: I believe the lottery is a great opportunity for staff to contribute to the well-being and improvement of the hospital, where a small donation can have a large impact. At the same time, it provides myself and co-workers the hope and excitement of potentially winning a lottery which is always fun to anticipate.

Q: Would you be able to share what you intend to use this winning for?

A: I got married just a few weeks ago and winning the lottery could not have come at a better time! I am planning to save some of the winnings toward our honeymoon trip when it’s safe to do so. For now, I still have some wedding expenses that this will help towards paying off.

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