Laura Goodwin, Dietitian - Fortune Fridays Winner

Fortune Fridays 50/50 Staff Lottery winner profile: Laura Goodwin

Congratulations to Laura Goodwin, our November 20th Fortune Fridays 50/50 Staff Lottery winner! Laura has been with the North York General for 14 years!

Laura participated in the Fortune Fridays 50/50 Lottery as a way to support the Hospital where she was born.  It is also important for her to give back anyway she can, because both her mom and brother have worked here, and NYGH is now a place where she is enjoying a rewarding career as a Dietitian.

With the holiday season almost here, Laura will be using her winnings to do a little extra online Christmas shopping for her family and friends, and treating herself to a few new home décor items.

This sounds like a great plan, Laura!

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