Tamiza Hemani - Fortune Fridays Winner - North York General Foundation

Fortune Fridays 50/50 Staff Lottery winner profile: Tamiza Hemani

Congratulations to Tamiza Hemani for being our 5th Fortune Fridays 50/50 Staff Lottery winner!

Our 50/50 lottery a great opportunity for staff to participate in something fun and give back to North York General. It’s also an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the dedicated staff that make our hospital such an amazing place. We sat down with Tamiza to learn more about her role at North York General.

Q: Aside from winning, what do you like about the staff lottery?

A: The staff lottery proceeds are invested directly back into our hospital, allowing us to provide high quality care to members of our community. So even if you don’t win, you know that it’s going to a great cause.

Q: What’s your role at North York General?

A: I’m an anesthesia assistant – a specially trained health professional who operates as an extension of the anesthesiologist. As a member of the anesthesia care team, I provide care to surgical patients under the supervision of an anesthesiologist during general, regional or conscious sedation.

Q: Why did you choose to work at North York General?

A: I started at North York General as a student respiratory therapist on a one-year clinical rotation. Upon completing my rotation, I got hired on as a staff member. Five years into working as a respiratory therapist, an opportunity to go back to school to become an anesthesiology assistant arose, and I took it. The rest is history! The hospital and my colleagues were very supportive of me going back to school and transitioning into the operating room. North York General is my second home!

Q: Describe a time when you felt that you really made a difference in a patient’s life.

A: I want to believe that I make a difference in patients’ lives everyday by providing seamless and excellent patient-centered care!

Our next Fortune Fridays 50/50 Staff Lottery draw is Friday, January 31st, and the jackpot stands at $2,806 and counting. Do you want to be the next big winner, like Tamiza?

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