Meet Uma - a social worker in our orthopaedics unit

Meet Uma Dalal

Uma Dalal is a social worker in the orthopedics unit and has been at North York General Hospital (NYGH) for the past 19 years. Uma is also our latest Fortune Fridays 50/50 Staff Lottery winner. Our 50/50 lottery is a great opportunity for staff to participate in something fun and give back to NYGH. It’s also an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the dedicated staff that make our hospital such an amazing place.  We sat down with Uma to learn more about her and her role at the hospital.

What does your role entail?

I work on an inpatient unit on 4West with medicine and orthopedic patients – for example patients who have hip and other types of fractures as well as elective shoulder surgeries. I provide counselling to patients, helping them plan for a transition to a rehab facility or for discharge from the hospital. I coordinate meetings with hospital staff, external agencies (such as the Local Health Integration Network), community agencies, and facilities. Social workers wear a lot of different hats.

Why did you choose to work at North York General Hospital?

I moved to Canada from the United States in 2000. When my husband and I first arrived, we drove past NYGH and I told him I was going to work here one day. I joined NYGH in January 2002. The community aspect drew me here. NYGH is a community hospital and you get to know patients and staff better than if you work in a big downtown hospital setting.

What is your most memorable experience?

Taking the clinical lead role for the Resource Matching and Referral program, which matches patients ready to leave the hospital with a community resource they need (e.g. home care or rehab). I helped start and implement the program. This online program enables us to track our progress, increase transparency and match patients to resources they need faster. This has resulted in expedited referrals.

What is one thing you can’t live without at work?

My tea or coffee.

What is your motivation for contributing to the staff lottery (besides winning)?

It’s a way for staff to give back to the hospital. Also, a colleague in my unit won twice, so that inspired me.

What is your plan for your winnings?

The winnings will be put towards the cost of my daughter’s bar exam. We may also put a little aside for a family dinner out (after COVID).