Shabana’s story – Giving back through a legacy donation

Shabanas Story - North York General Foundation

Giving, sharing and volunteering have always been an integral part of my life. As a young girl growing up in Pakistan, I saw my parents giving more than receiving. They taught me to donate a significant portion of any money I earned to those in need. I do the best that I can to continue this family tradition.

An incredible hospital a few minutes from my home

When my family moved to North York in 1977, it was such a blessing to have this hospital with its incredible resources, just a few minutes away from home. With three active sports-loving kids, we had to rush to the Emergency Department quite often! Over the years, my kids, grandchildren and other family members have always received wonderful care.

Joining a family of volunteers

Thirteen years ago, I decided to make volunteering within the community a priority, and I chose North York General to satisfy my passion. Since 2007, I’ve been volunteering at the gift shop, and I’ve made everlasting friendships.

Making a legacy donation

To repay the community, I decided to make a legacy donation as part of my will and estate planning. My son Salmaan suggested life insurance. By transferring my existing policy to North York General, I’ll be leaving a significant gift to the hospital in the future, while securing a tax receipt for the annual premium payments today. I was surprised by how easy the process was!