Caring for Premature Babies - North York General Foundation

Thank you for helping us care for premature and critically ill babies

This Giving Tuesday, generous donors from the community raised over $13,000 to help fund an urgently needed neonatal incubator

Dr. Shaheen DoctorAt North York General’s Tippet Foundation Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), we take tremendous pride in the work we do, caring for moms-to-be, newborns and new parents. It’s important and rewarding work, but it wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of our community.

Every year, over 5,200 babies are born at North York General Hospital. Around 500 of these babies are born premature or critically ill and need to be cared for in our NICU with the help of life-saving incubators.

NICU incubators are controlled, protected micro-environments designed to address the changing and complex demands of neonatal intensive care. An incubator is a premature baby’s first home outside the womb. A newborn in such a fragile state can’t survive anywhere else. Their tiny organs are underdeveloped, their skin is extremely thin and delicate, and they have very little muscle and body fat. They rely on the warmth, security and protection that only an incubator provides.

On behalf of the North York General family, thank you to all the donors who made a gift on Giving Tuesday. Your gift will help us replace one of our aging incubators so we can give premature and critically ill babies the very best start to life.

Your generosity empowers us to improve care and save lives, right in your own backyard.

With gratitude,

Dr. Shaheen Doctor (yes, that’s my real name!),
Neonatologist and Medical Director,
Tippet Foundation Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU),
North York General Hospital