Hansani Pathiraja, Booking Clerk, North York General

“Proud to be part of a caring team”

For Hansani Pathiraja, working at a hospital that puts patients first is both an honour and a privilege.

That’s one of the many reasons why she’s remained a booking clerk in the North York General Hospital (NYGH) Medical Imaging department for 15 years. The latest lottery winner, Hansani books patients for their diagnostic imaging appointments (mammogram, ultrasound, CT, MRI).

Messages of hope boosted staff morale

Hansani loves NYGH because it’s such a caring place, filled with wonderful doctors who take the time and make the effort with every patient. She is grateful to be part of a hospital that makes a difference everyday.

During the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hansani said there were moments so rich with emotion that it made the fear and chaos of those early days less intense, such as walking into work and finding messages of hope, encouragement and support scrawled in chalk outside the hospital. Those positive messages gave Hansani and her colleagues the strength to keep going during very difficult times. Her colleagues became stronger by working together and having each other’s back.

Self-care is so important

Exercise has always been important to Hansani, but even more so during the pandemic. She finds working out keeps her feeling positive and now is exploring other methods of self-care.

Hansani is planning on putting her lottery winnings towards her children’s education fund.