Molly - Read her story about why your donation matters.

The Heart Month gift you make today will support the heart of another tomorrow!

North York General’s Cardiac Care Clinic has been a lifeline for 100-year-old Molly and her daughters, Rita and Trudy.

When Molly was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, NYGH’s Cardiac Care Clinic provided instant follow-up care and became a constant source of support to Rita and Trudy, both in person and over the phone.

Late last year, Rita reached out to the Cardiac Care Clinic with concerns about her mom’s worsening bronchitis. The Clinic saw Molly the very next morning and she was admitted to the hospital to help stabilize her condition. Every detail was handled by the Clinic, helping Molly avoid a potentially stressful trip to emergency.

Rita and Trudy were impressed by the streamlined care and saw yet another example of how NYGH staff go above and beyond while Molly was an inpatient. “Her cardiologist, and other members of the clinic staff came to visit mom – just to check in,” says Rita. “We’re so grateful for their compassion and genuine concern.” After spending a month in hospital, Molly has transitioned to a long-term care facility where she is surrounded by specialists and those best suited to her needs.

Heart failure is the leading cause of hospital admissions in adults 65 years and older. NYGH’s Cardiac Care Clinic provides comprehensive treatment, designed to reduce hospital admissions and emergency room visits by connecting patients with community resources to help manage heart failure at home. And, when that is no longer possible, the Clinic works closely with patients and their families to help transition patients into alternate care facilities.

Each month, 340 patients in our community trust their hearts to the NYGH Cardiac Care Clinic. As North York continues to grow and age rapidly, the demand for NYGH’s cardiac services also grows. But the Clinic’s small size makes it difficult to have sensitive conversations and poses a challenge for patients with mobility issues.

That’s why we are raising $2.2 million to completely reconfigure our Cardiac Care Clinic and make investments in key equipment upgrades across the unit. The redesigned space will truly put patients first with more privacy, collaborative meeting spaces, a designated family meeting room, and more room for patients with wheelchairs and walkers.

This February, please direct your Heart Month gift to NYGH and support cardiac care, right in your own backyard.