Dr. Man Fan Ho holding a newborn baby

Help Us Celebrate Dr. Man Fan Ho’s Retirement

After 35 years of serving the North York community, Dr. Man Fan Ho, OBGYN and former Deputy Chief of NYGH‘s Maternal Newborn Program, is retiring.

A modest man, he doesn’t want to have a retirement party, or to have any fuss made over him. Instead, he’s asking for his grateful patients, friends and colleagues to donate towards a crucial piece of equipment – an ultrasound machine for North York General Hospital (NYGH)’s Early Pregnancy Clinic.

His goal is to raise just over $160,000 in order to purchase this much needed piece of equipment. Already his patients, like Leslie Richman-Bender (shown in photo below), who had her fourth and fifth children delivered by Dr. Ho, have given generously in his honour. Leslie herself has also reached out to others to do so.

Purchasing this ultrasound machine will allow the physicians and staff at the Early Pregnancy Clinic to account for the growing need of ultrasound scans as patient volumes increase. As you may know, nearly 6,000 mothers each year entrust NYGH with their unborn baby’s monitoring and care.

Ultrasounds allow doctors to diagnose problems early on, and monitor both mother and baby throughout the pregnancy. For mothers with high-risk pregnancies they are even more crucial. This might include growth-restricted babies, moms with diabetes, preeclampsia and other conditions. It is important to have up-to-date ultrasound technology to better diagnose underlying pregnancy complications. In short, ultrasounds save lives.

Many people don’t know that the equipment NYGH’s health care team relies on isn’t funded by the government. Ultrasound machines (and most other new and replacement hospital equipment) are funded almost entirely by community donations.

Dr. Ho would be honoured if you donate toward this new machine. Your gift will help continue his legacy of incredible care for generations to come.