Jackelyn Etac, Registered Nurse, North York General

“NYGH is a welcoming place”

Jackelyn Etac lives every day with gratitude for the privilege of being a member of the team at North York General Hospital (NYGH). Jackelyn works in the Nursing Resource Team, assigned to different units throughout the hospital, including medical, surgical, paediatric and psychiatric. She assesses patients, provides care, and assists with their daily needs.

NYGH close to her home & her heart.

Jackelyn has worked for NYGH for 18 years and is proud of how the different members of the hospital’s allied health teams work together to promote and deliver people-centred care. She is thrilled to live and work in her community and feels honored to do so.

Proud of NYGH’s desire to pass on health care expertise.

In Jackelyn’s view, what sets NYGH apart from other hospitals is the importance placed on continuous learning and the passing on of expertise to those pursuing health care as a career. She finds it gratifying that NYGH has built a strong reputation as one of the best teaching hospitals in Ontario and Canada.

Family time is time well spent.

When she’s not at work, Jackelyn loves to cook and bake with her children. She also loves to get lost in her garden in the spring and summer months.

Jackelyn is the most recent winner of the Fortune Friday Staff Lottery. She is planning on taking her family for a winter getaway to a warm destination with her staff lottery winnings.