Karen Yorke

Biophysical Profile Clinic

Karen Yorke

Meet Karen Yorke

Biophysical Profile Clinic

Fetal and maternal safety

Karen Yorke is a compassionate and dedicated member of our North York General family. Since starting at the hospital in 2008, she has supported our Labour & Delivery Unit, and now works in the Biophysical Profile Clinic, performing ultrasounds on our expecting parents.

In this role, she enjoys working alongside some of NYGH’s fantastic obstetricians, improving fetal and maternal safety by providing risk assessments, triaging referrals, and doing hands-on ultrasounds.

Patient and staff satisfaction

Karen recognizes the importance of career fulfillment and staff satisfaction.

“I love working at NYGH because it prioritizes patient and staff satisfaction,” she  explains. Through many staff appreciation events, and education offerings, she said she knows NYGH is dedicated to the next generation of healthcare providers.

Supporting patient care

Karen is a recent winner of the staff lottery and takes part to support NYGH’s patient care services. She hopes her contributions can be invested in equipment and ongoing projects. She feels it is important to  invest in the workplace, ensuring NYGH continues to provide exceptional quality care with the most updated equipment and resources