Arlene Miranda, RN, North York General

A Grateful Heart

Every day that Arlene Miranda walks into North York General Hospital (NYGH), she feels like she’s won the lottery thanks to the warm and welcoming culture and her lovely co-workers who make each day a good one. Arlene is thrilled to have spent her entire career to date at NYGH and is currently a registered staff nurse in the surgical program.

 A rewarding career

In her role, Arlene cares for patients who are scheduled for surgery. She prepares both the patient and the appropriate equipment required for the procedure. Arlene has been part of the team at NYGH since 2011 and is proud to claim it as the first hospital where she has worked.

NYGH has earned its great reputation

The hospital’s reputation for patient-centered, exceptional health care is the main reason Arlene is proud to be a member of staff at NYGH. She genuinely believes it is the best hospital in Canada. Valuing the emphasis on continuous learning and improving, Arlene is grateful for the learning opportunities along the way and how she’s constantly developing her nursing skills.

The warm and supportive environment is one of the many reasons Arlene loves to come into work. She says her colleagues in the surgical team are both supportive and helpful.

Giving back is important

Arlene is a recent winner of the staff lottery and takes part because it gives her the chance to help others. In fact, Arlene plans to donate a portion of her winnings back to the hospital that’s become such a big part of her life. The remaining winnings will go to helping her family as well as a trip to the Philippines.

In her spare time, you can find Arlene cooking or gardening. Since the pandemic, she’s become even more involved with both.