Sonia Abian, Registered Nurse, North York General Hospital

Serving others is a life well-lived

Sonia Abian understands that the work she does at North York General Hospital (NYGH) is part of something bigger and it’s a point of personal pride.

As a registered nurse in NYGH’s Nursing Resource team, Sonia has been a member of staff since March 2008. She is regularly sent to different areas in the hospital to fill in the gaps where staff are needed. She loves the opportunity afforded to her to get to know many different people and care for patients at NYGH.

NYGH has a proud reputation for excellence.

Sonia believes what sets NYGH apart from other hospitals is the patient-centred care and the emphasis on being a teaching hospital. She feels NYGH is the best hospital in the province and the country. Sonia is grateful because working here has given her a chance to expand her skills and her knowledge with her colleagues.

There are too many to choose from, but Sonia has had many memorable moments in her time at NYGH. What stays with her is when patients express their warm appreciation for the care she gave them during their stay in the hospital.

Giving Back

Sonia is a recent winner of the Fortune Friday Staff Lottery which is especially meaningful because she wants to support the work of the Foundation raising money to support the hospital and, in turn, the community. She likes the fact that the lottery allows staff members to win some extra funds.

When she’s not working, you can find Sonia relaxing with her family, watching movies or going on long car rides. She plans on using her winnings for a family trip next year.