Matt Biggs, Peer Support Worker, North York General

A chance meeting led to a new career

Matt Biggs knows a thing about being supportive. In his role as a Peer Support Worker, Matt aims to bring a renewed sense of hope and possibilities to his patients.

Since 2017, Matt has worked on North York General Hospital’s (NYGH) Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT) in the Mental Health outpatient program at the NYGH Champagne site. An inspiring chance meeting with Theresa Claxton, a long time NYGH mental health advocate, changed everything for him. While attending a workshop at the former NYGH Branson site, Theresa encouraged Matt to get involved in mental health and addiction work. She highlighted his strengths and potential to work with others experiencing mental health and addiction challenges.

Personal experience helps him connect with patients

Having life experience in both mental health and addiction, Matt brings an authentic knowledge to his work, helping his patients learn how to better manage their mental health and promote healthy coping strategies. He spends most of his time listening, validating client’s feelings, and providing hope for their recovery and future goals and aspirations.

Matt is proud to be a member of the NYGH staff, and especially enjoys the day-to-day collegial interactions with his team and department. He says it’s a healthy learning environment with dedicated, caring and genuine people.

 Supporting life’s passions

Matt is a recent winner of the Fortune Friday Staff Lottery and regularly participates in the staff lottery because of his deep belief in giving back and helping people whenever and wherever he can. Matt plans on using some of his winnings to help his daughter with tuition while she’s attending her second year at McMaster University.

Having attended culinary school many years ago, Matt continues to cook on the weekends for friends and family – so he is also planning on treating himself to an outdoor pizza oven to use when the warmer weather arrives.