Terry Pursell, President and CEO, North York General Foundation

Message from the President – March 5, 2020

In these times of uncertainty and shifting priorities for many of us, you can be assured that some things remain ever constant.

The first thing I’d like to address is this hospital’s utmost commitment to the compassionate, effective and safe care of our community, our staff, our patients and our families. I am grateful and proud every day to work at North York General, but seeing our hospital featured on the front page of The Globe and Mail as a leader in addressing COVID-19 preparedness, took my own commitment to a new level.

I am personally witnessing incredible efforts in incident planning, attention to staff and patients alike in a time of constant change, and sharing with others our leadership and legacy in safety and risk management.

The second constant I’d like to mention is the support of our donors. Whether it is through a kind phone call, an email, stopping by the office to see how we are doing, or continuing to support us through their philanthropy. Our community of donors has improved our ability to care for our patients day in and day out.

I wish I had the opportunity to acknowledge all of you personally for what you are able to do for this hospital, its staff, physicians and patients. My words will have to do for now so thank you for caring about North York General and making a world of difference.

Warm regards,

Terry Pursell

Terry Pursell
President & CEO
North York General Foundation