Message from the President

Dear Friends,

To everything there is a season, especially in the summer when it is natural to carve out some time to reflect on the past and determine priorities and goals for months ahead. Like many of you, I can say that these past couple of years sharpened my focus on my work, my family, my activities, my interests, and staying healthy.

Upon much reflection (and no shortage of emotion), I have decided to retire as President & CEO of North York General Foundation in January 2023. I have been fortunate to be part of North York General and its community of donors, volunteers, staff, physicians, patients and their families for close to 13 years. I have gained much more than I could ever give, and I am grateful for the foundation staff, Board of Governors and our partners in the hospital. My role at the foundation has allowed a perfect ending to a 35-year career in the philanthropic sector.

The donor community was relentless 54 years ago in establishing North York General and that same willpower, ingenuity, and compassion drives the donors of today. It has been my privilege, and that of my team, to help guide philanthropy towards our hospital to improve care and save lives. I thank you for believing in North York General and supporting one of the top hospitals in the country through periods of growth, regeneration, and even now, during this continuous health care and worker crisis.

I have much to accomplish with my team in the next quarter but will depart knowing the foundation is strongly positioned with our communities to help build the Next North York General in the months and years ahead.

With much gratitude,

Terry Pursell