Mia Rogers, Unit Secretary, North York General Hospital

Meant to work for NYGH

I’ve been working at NYGH for 12 years but this is my second time at NYGH as I also worked here 24 years ago for five years. I’m now a Unit Secretary in the Chemotherapy Clinic, where I train patients recently diagnosed on treatment regimes. As well, I’m manager of scheduling, so patients receive the treatment they need in a reasonable time frame. It’s a constant challenge since we unfortunately have a very long waitlist for those needing chemotherapy.

Working at NYGH was a no brainer. I grew up and live five minutes from here so it’s my home hospital – the best hospital. Being able to work in the community where I live has been very rewarding.

Memories are made here at NYGH

I’ve been lucky enough to have many memorable moments here in the chemo clinic. One of the great things about working at NYGH is that we develop relationships with patients. Sometimes we see them once or twice-a-week for years. One patient who had been coming weekly was at the end-of-life stage. I wrote him a letter to thank him for all the smiles and laughter he had given me over the past eight years. The letter meant so much to the patient and his family that it was read out loud at his funeral service. It was a very special moment for me.

What I like most about working at NYGH is our approach to patient and family centred care.

Staff lottery is a win-win!

I decided to join the staff lottery to give back to the hospital that has served me and my family so well.

Outside of work I love to travel or lately, dream about traveling.

I have never been able to afford to travel with my children so with my winnings we will be going on our first vacation together. It’s a dream come true for us. 

— Mia Rogers