Mrs. Tan's Story - Why Your Donation Matters

Mrs. Tan – Her Story

In May, I experienced an exceptionally painful stomach ache. Concerned, I called my family doctor, who advised me to go to the hospital immediately because my symptoms were similar to those of COVID-19. 

On May 31st, I was admitted to North York General Hospital’s (NYGH’s) Intensive Care Unit (ICU), where a physician discovered that my small intestine had a hemorrhage. I was terrified! Would I be able to survive something like this? 

I soon learned that I had to undergo surgery, and my operation was arranged for the next day. My condition caused me to lose lots of blood, and I received two blood transfusions during my procedure. 

Fortunately, my surgery was a success. I’m especially grateful for the exceptional care I received from my surgeon, Dr. Yasser Botros, and ICU nurses, Imelda Torres and Yulia Cherkov. Not only am I thankful to these individuals, I am also grateful to the generous supporters whose donations helped purchase the equipment they need to deliver outstanding care.  

In total, I spent a full week at NYGH, including three days in the ICU. Sadly, because of COVID-19 restrictions, my husband and sons couldn’t visit me, so the only way I could speak with them was through phone calls and texts. Although I was not allowed visitors, I didn’t feel as lonely as I expected, thanks to the compassionate nurses who kept me company. 

During my stay, all the staff who cared for me made me feel at ease and optimistic.
It brought me comfort to be able to speak in my native language of Cantonese with the staff during the lonely period of my stay. To me, this is an example of going above and beyond care, which is what NYGH is known for. 

Today, I am thrilled to say upon my discharge that I am on the road to recovery from the comfort and privacy of my own home, where I continue to have regular virtual house calls with Dr. Botros. I’m so grateful to the donors who helped make the virtual care option possible because it means I don’t have to travel to the hospital for check-ups as I continue to recover.

These last few months have been challenging for everyone, and I’ve seen for myself how hard the staff at NYGH have been working to provide the best possible care to our community. I’ve heard that even though COVID-19 cases have gone down in Canada, the virus has not fully gone away and a second wave is possible – something I’ve been told North York General will be ready for. 

Any amount you can give will support the hospital’s highest priority needs as we head into fall and winter.  

Whatever amount you can donate, I know first hand, it will go a long way to directly help North York General’s patients and staff — right in your own community.

I’ve lived in North York since 2002, so NYGH is my community hospital and feels like home to me. Whenever I need treatment, I always feel comfortable and know I will be in good hands because of the exceptional staff. 

To thank the health care heroes who took care of me during the COVID-19 pandemic, my son made a generous donation to support NYGH’s greatest needs. I share this story with you hoping you’ll be inspired to make a donation too. 

With gratitude,

Mrs. Tan