North York General Emergency Department

My mother’s journey of hope and recovery

Strong and independent, that is how I would describe my mother. At 85 years old, she continues to live on her own. But if it hadn’t been for the tireless efforts of the health care team at North York General Hospital (NYGH), my mother may have lost the independence she holds so dear, or worse her life, after a freak accident.

An accident, and the fear that followed

It was a snowy winter morning, and my mother was walking to the post office. A sudden slip and then a fall broke her stride. Her head hit the ground. A passerby saw her and called 911, and within minutes she was taken to the Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg Emergency at North York General Hospital (NYGH).

Dr. Adrian Wu, Emergency Physician, North York General

Dr. Adrian Wu

These are times riddled with COVID-19 protocols, and my family and I felt a sense of helplessness as we could not be there with her in the hospital. Emergency Physicians Dr. Adrian Wu (photo left) and Dr. Russell Tanzer conducted tests that revealed my mother had a fractured skull and internal bleeding. In the Emergency Department (ED), her condition deteriorated, and she lost consciousness.

The doctors were my only connection with my mother at that time, and their honesty and transparency were critical. They shared the difficult news that she might not survive or might be left with cognitive impairment. It was hard to hear but I appreciated the compassion and sensitivity with which the news was delivered. We remained hopeful, but we started to prepare for the worst.

Incredible care makes a world of difference

My mother was admitted into the hospital where she continued to be monitored, and we were in regular contact with the health care team about her condition. The incredible team including Neurologist Dr. Jerry Chen, Dr. Park and Registered Nurse (RN) Amanda Nelson provided invaluable care during such a difficult time.

A few days later, Dr. Joshua Kosta called with some good news. My mother had regained consciousness! You could hear the excitement in Charge Nurse Shuliang Wu’s voice as he told us that my mother’s situation was improving. It was great news for my family, and it also gave us comfort knowing how much the medical team truly cared about my mother’s well-being.

North York General Emergency Department Nurses

Jihyun Lee, RN | Shuliang Wu, RN | Anesca Yorac, RPN

An amazing recovery

My mother spent a total of three weeks at NYGH before being discharged. Regular rehab sessions helped improve her condition immensely and she regained 90% of her cognitive function. My family and I are truly grateful to the entire team at North York General Hospital who provided my mother with exceptional care from the start and treated her like their own family.

A hospital’s Emergency Department is often critical in determining if a patient survives. More than ever, I’ve come to appreciate how having a world-class ED within our community saved my mother’s life. That’s the power of a community hospital!

Every day many others rush to NYGH’s ED for help for a variety of medical issues and as our community grows and ages, it’s no surprise that the Emergency Department needs to expand to meet those needs. I hope there is support for that growth since I know one thing for certain– the team of health care providers there will always provide exceptional care. My mother’s story is a testament to it.