National Cancer Wellness Awareness Day: CIBC donor spotlight

CIBC donor spotlight

For the hundreds of patients who enter North York General Hospital (NYGH) every day, providing the best care possible is our core focus. But this requires access to the right tools, resources and equipment, and our donors play the most critical role in funding this important need. Our corporate partners help ensure NYGH continues to thrive, and there’s no doubt that this generosity is helping to save lives.

CIBC is one such example. The company has been a dedicated supporter of North York General for an incredible 35 years, more than half the hospital’s lifetime. CIBC’s giving has benefitted multiple areas of NYGH, with a focus on cancer care. Their most recent donation was the first corporate gift to support the purchase of a much-needed new MRI to aid in cancer detection and treatment.

National Cancer Wellness Awareness Day - CIBC MRI Donation On June 26 we commemorate National Cancer Wellness Awareness Day, which aims to raise awareness for the importance of the physical and emotional needs of those living with cancer. With CIBC’s generous gift towards life-saving MRI equipment, they take this to heart.  This focus on giving is part of a deep culture of philanthropy that is embedded across CIBC, underscored by the company’s strong commitment to helping communities thrive.

“CIBC’s ambition is to help create a future where no one has to fear a cancer diagnosis. This is why we support healthcare leaders like NYGH, which continue to demonstrate a strong dedication to removing barriers to care, and commitment to delivering innovative, quality treatment for their patients.”

We are truly grateful to CIBC for their dedication to improve outcomes for those with cancer, and for their longstanding generosity. Thank you, CIBC, for helping us  make a world of difference for cancer patients, and many others across the diverse communities we serve.