Prescilla Quiogue, Medical Secretary, NYGH

“Brightening lives & Sharing her Gifts”

While Prescilla Quiogue’s official title is Medical Secretary II at North York General’s Seniors’ Health Centre, she might be better known as the “Jack of all Trades” because of her willingness and ability to assume a multitude of roles.

Always there to lend a hand

Prescilla is the first person you see at reception as you enter the centre. On occasion, she jumps in and works as an Activation Aide, handling the nursing staff and payroll. Her favourite role, and one she truly cherishes, is as the entertainer in the home. Almost everyday, you can hear Prescilla’s angelic voice raised in song as she brightens the lives of the residents.

For 12 years, Prescilla has been fortunate to work in a variety of departments and positions. She has made a number of close relationships with co-workers and considers them a part of her family.

A rewarding job with wonderful memories made

During the pandemic, Prescilla was challenged more than she’d ever been, but the lessons that came from them taught her about resilience and the value that she and her co-workers bring to the community. She finds her work rewarding and she faces every day with a smile and an eagerness to make more wonderful memories in her role at NYGH.

Giving back is in her DNA

Like all other NYGH initiatives, Prescilla participates in the staff lottery to give back to the hospital that has given her so much. As a recent winner, she doesn’t know quite what she’s going to do with her winnings, but whatever she decides, it will be shared with her family.